Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Smash Hit

Walkin' throo the pasture
Lookin' around
Belleh like a beach ball
Hangin' down

Wut’s that thing?
Will it bite?
Can I eat it?
You know that’s right

Peeps callin’ mah name
Hoppin’ around
Is that a peppermint wrapper?
I know that sound!

Give it to me
Don’t be shy
Com on I’m hongry
I ain’t gon lie

Hurry up and grooms me
That feels good
Put on the saddle
Take a walk in the wood

I’m a giant mule
You don’t need to worry
I won’t trip on nothing
Or get in a hurry

Back to the barn
Tack me down
Lemmeh eat som grass
And stroll around

I’m Paul.
Yeah that’s right.
I’m Paul.
Rollin’ VIP
Huh huh huh huh
I’m Paul.
Wut wut wut?
I’m Paul.


Denise said...


linda_ross said...

This begs the question: where is our YouTube video to go with this catchy little tune? Your adoring fans want more! Yes, I know...but that's the price you pay for fame.

your biggest peep (fan) in Atlanta, GA

Paul said...

I made the whole thing up mahself. No helps this time.

Paul said...

P.S. Lindo Ross there will be no video. Mules don't dance.

Unless you pay me. $19.99.