Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Power of the Internut

You are not going to bleeve this either, but som body in Australia has written to me in an e-mail. (I am so glad I checked mah e-mail. Usually there is not much in it except for ads to embiggen various parts of my self.)

Yes, it's true. If you don't bleeve me, you can go visit his web page: http://www.bazzyboy.net. I has also linked to it over there at the top.
He has a web site of his own, much snazzier than mine, his Editor is brilliant. His name is Bazz and like my self, he enjoys to eat things. His family is more famous and has run into the races and had statues made of them selves. But since he lives in Australia where every thing is the opposite, he has decided to make a career of going slow and was thus retired from the track. I say, more power to him. There is no point in being into a hurry. What ever it is, it can wait.

Go look at his page. It is nice.


Kate said...

You are hi-larious. You and Bazzy should go on the road together.

Paul said...

I see by your profile that you are a pitch fork operator. Does you ever by chance lift any hays with your pitch fork?

I also see that you are a Yankees fan. Mah Editor loves the Yankees and has a great hate for George Stein-Brenner.

Kate said...

Yes, I lift much hay with my pitchfork. Also the stuff that comes out the other end. I work at a barn with 40 horses, but very sadly, no mules!

I love the Yankees, but I live in Massachusetts, which is a very uncomfortable place for a Yankees fan to be.