Monday, July 16, 2007

Hoof Champion

Today is the day I get new shoes. I've been practicing every day. Because I've been thinking. Before you act ugly to som one who is trying to help you, before you raise your leg up high in the air, before you shift all your weight to the foot he is trying to pick up, before you aggravate som one who has already shooed a barn full of horses that day, who is holding a hammer, you should put yourself in *hiz* position. How would I like it if som one thwarted me at every turn? I would not like it.

So I stand like a champ and get back shoes. I have turned over to a new leaf. Besides, Mah Editor told me that I must behave or soon no one will want to work on my feets.

1 comment:

Denise said...

Itz "hammer time"- way to go Pauls, you must feel great! You must have seen mine (Lestah's)shoeing video and learnt somthin, itz good to see you put your feets in someone elses shoes fer a change...
and wut are you standin on, i think it scares meh.