Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Friend

Remember how I told you I had som thing exciting to say? Well, you are not going to bleeve this but I hav got a friend, one who is a lot like me. Her name is Anna and she is a Belgian just like my beloved mom and who may in fact hav A TINY MULE GROWING INSIDE HER RIGHT THIS MINUTE! We don't know know yet, it is too early to tell. She came from the auction and right now has got a cut onto her beautiful leg which looks a lot like mah own handsome leg, so she is staying inside for the time being.

Mah Editor has instructions to share mah apples with her. She is a little thin. A halter has also rubbed the hair off her beautiful muzzle but that will be all right. She just got here last night and has already had a bath and is settled into a cozy stall.

I can not wait until she can com outside to see me.


Denise said...

WOW, that is sum exciting newz! Doesnt sound lik she wuz treated very nice prior to the auction???
Congrats on the new gal pal!

lifelike001 said...

maybe the new little mule should be named after his uncle - Wie Paul! :D